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        Campbell and Cullen – Newborn Twins Lake City, Fl Photographer

        I must introduce these two sweet babies to you all! If you know their parents and family, you know that these two sweet babies are beyond blessed!

        When their Mommy and Daddy decided to finally try to have a child, never in their wildest dreams did they imagine they would be carrying TWO beautiful babies…and the icing on the cake…one of each! The best of both worlds.

        Their Mommy couldn’t have been a better baby oven for these two. haha Amazingly, they stayed in til full term at 38 weeks before being evicted on their scheduled date.

        As I was there for their newborn session, I witnessed the most amazing love for these babies. Seeing their mother stare in amazement as she watched me with the babies and saying how she just couldn’t believe that I was holding HER babies. Her little miracles and how she didn’t imagine she could love a child so much, much less two of them at the same time. So very sweet!! I can’t wait to watch these babies grow and change.

        Here are some of their favorite images from their Newborn session.

        Princess and the Frog Hat set Made by Queenie Leanie Crochet

        Coral and Green crocheted hats custom Made by VIP Handmade Creations

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        Tracy Howey Brannon - Precious!!

        Debi Dice Zakany - Absolutely precious

        Debi Larsen Norris - Precious!!!! Very blessed family!!!❤️

        Theresa Johnson - Perfection! Such a blessing!

        Terri Bedenbaugh Prescott - So SWEET.

        Dianne Royal Cooper - They are adorable.

        Patti Marlowe - Incredible ! Wish this was around when I had my twins :)

        Gwendolyn McGraw Adams - Oh so precious!

        Kim Anderson Morris - So beautiful!!

        Laura Clayton - So adorable!

        Denise Carmichael - Adorable little angels from God!

        Ann McCall - They are so cute.

        Lynn Hingson Goodson - What a beautiful miracle <3

        Candice Brad Crews - Biggest blessings of my life!

        Sheri Bowen Keen - How Cute!!

        Charm Greene - So precious!

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